One full hour £25

Block book 10 lessons £240 (save £10 off 10 lessons)

Block book 20 lessons £470 (save £30 off 20 lessons)

Block book 30 lessons £700 (save £50 off 30 lessons)

Block book 40 lessons £930 (save £70 off 40 lessons)

Driving lessons are like anything else, you get what you pay for, click on the link below.



It's £62 for each driving test, several failed attempts amounts to a lot of money!!! And............

Remember, 35 lessons at £25 an hour, is cheaper than 45 lessons at £20 an hour, and MUCH cheaper than 45 lessons at £22 an hour!!! 

35 lessons at £25 each = £875

45 lessons at £22 each = £990

45 lessons at £20 each = £900 


Please note: To qualify for any discounts/special offers, the full amount MUST be paid on the first lesson, (of each block you're paying for) otherwise, the discount will not apply.

                 pass plus

 Pass Plus £195

The Pass Plus consists of six modules, each covering a one hour period. The topics are:

1. Dual carriageways
2. Motorway driving
3. Out of town driving and rural roads
4. Introduction and town driving
5. All weather driving
6. Night driving

Remember this is not a test, it is something you carry out with a driving instructor as a continual assessment. The driving instructor will sign off each module completing the Pass Plus course progress record and training report form. Once you have passed, you send this to the Driving Standards Agency who will then issue the Pass Plus certificate.

This certificate will enable you to enhance your skills, offers discount on insurances, and reduces the risk of accidents.



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